Breaking A Puerh Bing Cha ("Cake Puerh")

As with most "cake"Puerhs, the amount of tea used is rather difficult to measure since you will have to break off a part of the cake to make the tea and it is almost impossible to get exactly the amount you want. If you're someone who just kind of goes with the flow, then adjust steeping time and temperature according to the amount of tea. You can easily adapt and it will work just fine. However, most people want some kind of structure to follow, so will recommend three methods to break up the cake.
He Kai Shan "Green" Puerh - Bing Cha

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September Successes at The Farm

This week marked the completion of another critical step toward actual production at the Tea Farm. With years of continuous infrastructure problems, it's been impossible to put plants in the ground. Broken water lines and problems with the wells, struggles to install the solar power system and the persistence of the Central Valley's hot, dry summers have been constant challenges. In previous posts we've shown how we're now harvesting the sun for power. Today we can happily announce completion of the "nursery" for our infant tea plants.

Greenhouse - Southwestern Exposure

We've replaced the original clear plastic siding with a single sheet of opaque white plastic and then a covering layer of black solar netting to further help with naturally reducing interior temps when it's 100+ outside but also keeping it cozy when the mercury drops. You can see how these layers have been strapped to the the ground with cables so that the wild winter winds can't rip it away.

Adding the new plastic covering

A cooling system of mist and fans maintains the interior humidity, providing the young tea plants with their preferred tropical climate. A complex system of fans, misters and automated monitors will keep the humidity a stable minimum of 40%.
Inside the greenhouse

Custom built hydroponic trays will soon house thousands of new cuttings.
Tea & Bamboo
Along with the tea, we're also testing strains of jasmine, bamboo and olive trees.

We now anticipate an Grand Celebration by next Fall with a BBQ and general festivities.
So, stay tuned!
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