This is my final day at the factory. With our Yin Hao and Jasmine Pearls taking seven days to finish scenting, I simply ran out of time.  (Multiple scenting with fresh flowers every day.)

I inspected last night's pile of scented tea this morning and cupped them after the flowers are removed from the tea and I am happy with the progress. I am also smart enough to leave so the real pros in the factory can finish the work without me peering over their shoulders.

I will be on a plane back home tomorrow and the thought of an airport and 12 hours of flying sound good. There's a limit than an overweight, 57-year-old body can take . . .
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Picking Fresh Jasmine Flowers

In the throes of jasmine harvest, the intense heat of summer and the humidity of monsoon season, the delicate beauty of the fragrance of this delicate white flower will be absorbed by and preserved in the tea.

A fully opened, white jasmine flower of the specific varietal used to scent tea is puffy when fully opened.

The flowers are picked by hand in the early morning hours before they open. In that way, the most intense "release" of their perfume is saved for the tea.

 I had to laugh when I discovered some stray bean plants growing in the jasmine field.

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Wholesale Jasmine Market

Continued good weather allowed jasmine production on our own farm to progress forward. However, the price of fresh jasmine flowers also continued to climb this year so I thought I go and check out the wholesale jasmine market to see what's up.

The pictures shows the frantic and often chaotic pace that takes place everyday.

Standing amongst tons of fresh jasmine flowers along with hundreds of screaming individuals is like listening to beautifully played classical music while you're riding out a storm outdoors!

If you're bored and want a change of pace, you should come and check this out . . .

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Jasmine Flower Harvest

This trip to China was specifically to be on site for the jasmine flower harvest and to supervise the scenting of our jasmine teas with the fresh blossoms. But the weather did not cooperate with my flight plans. 

After ten days of continued on and off rain, jasmine production practically ground to a halt. Factories typically do not accept flowers during the rain due to excess moisture content. They prefer to wait until warm, sunny days where flowers develop the maximum amount of fragrance. So I tried to make the best of things and took the opportunity to get all my personal business done elsewhere.
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