Keemun Quandry

It has been my practice on every Spring harvest trip to China to re-cup all the samples I acquired  before I depart for home. In the past, I have almost never had a change of heart from the original cupping to the final cupping. This year is the first time I have experienced a change of heart!

 When I re-cupped the Keemun samples I helped make I was torn between accepting them for what they are or rejecting them. Even though I like the teas produced and find them to be interesting, the old timer tea buyer in me tells me that these are NOT traditional Keemuns. These are teas that the new Chinese consumers want. And if you've never had a great traditionally produced Keemun, you would tend to agree and be happy with the new flavor profile.

 The trouble is that I KNOW what a traditional Keemun is supposed to be like.  And now I don't know what to do - accept and enjoy the elements of the teas for what they are or reject and keep trying to find a provider who is following the old traditions?

 I am really having a difficult time wrestling with this issue. I wish some of you out there can chime in and let me know what your thoughts are?