Roy Fong Speaks at The Commonwealth Club

On the evening of Monday, March 11, 2013, Roy spoke to the prestigious Commonwealth Club in San Francisco. Fortunately, for those of us who couldn't be there, we have the next best thing. You can hear the entire one-hour talk plus Q&A by going to the page (link below) and clicking on the "Play Now" link in the audio box to the right of the title, "Roy Fong: The Great Teas of China".

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Tea Festival Speakers

Roy Fong welcomes some of the most beloved tea educators to the 
2nd Annual S.F. International Tea Festival

Roy Fong, James Norwood Pratt, Michael Spillane, Rona Tison  

The S.F. tea festival offered a rare opportunity to speak directly with some of "tea's" most respected representatives.  Each spoke to packed rooms or sold-out focused tastings, filled with tea lovers thirsty for the experience. 

For the first time, Roy offered his, Full Cycle of Gong Fu, as well as one of his most popular topics, Great Teas of China.  Rona Tison, Sr. Vice President of Ito en, taught a similar class, Great Teas of Japan and Michael Spillane, President of G.S. Haly Company, conducted an hour seminar on the history of tea in the U.S. 

Other speakers, not pictured above were Devan Shah of International Tea Importers and Frank Hadley Murphy, author of "The Spirit of Tea". 

Roy Fong and Devan Shah

Frank Hadley Murphy

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Update on the new tea plants

The new cuttings seem to be thriving. Here are a few signs of new growth. Three of the varietals I've been pampering show good results.

The glow of green on the stem pushes out the new leaf and bud.

Several new buds appeared on the same day.

Once they were over the shock of being transplanted, the growth has been rapid. There's new green growth developing every day.

I have some older plants in pots that are better established and also pushing out new growth. I'll bring them to the Tea Festival on March 10th. I'll have them with me at the information booth.

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