New Teas & New Media Plan

Three of Imperial Tea Court's finest teas are enjoying their star-status photo-op as this year's offerings arrive. I wanted to give you a peek behind the scenes as Naomi Wolf snaps shots for the website and newsletter during our most recent work and planning session at the tea warehouse earlier this week.

Walking into the warehouse is always a knock-out olfactory experience with the combined scent of more than three hundred teas stocked there. From every nook and cranny of the two-story building you smell the tea. Once inside for a few minutes, it's easy to get used to it and then start to focus on other things - like taking pictures and mapping out a plan for upcoming newsletters. But as soon as I walk outside for a minute and then return, I enjoy the same rush of senses. Hopefully, the pleasure of this experience will always be thrilling.

Naomi Wolf setting up her next tea photo.

Even though most of us know Naomi from ITC at The Ferry Building, SF, she also wields her camera to capture the essence of the teas for those of us who are not local. With a meticulous eye, she arranges the wet leaf and negotiates the best angle for the brew.

One of the things that impressed me about Naomi was her respect for the tea and her attention to the care of the leaf. Even at the end of a long day, she was observant and careful to pack the fragile green Dragonwell leaves that we might re-shoot in flat envelopes so they would remain whole. (A true tea person.)

Her work on the website and newsletter will include adding more shots of the restored leaf and the brewed liquor to expand the virtual experience of each tea. Soon you will see her work on more pages of the website with all three views of each tea; dry, wet and liquor. This enormous task begins with the featured ITC teas for each month. You'll be able to enjoy her pictures in the newsletter later this week. The rest of the images will be added gradually until each of the teas in the entire inventory are all beautifully represented.

These three teas are those being featured in the next Imperial Tea Court newsletter. Imperial Green, Bi Lou Chun and a new Imperial Yellow.  Just wait until you see Naomi's close-ups.

With a new team spirit, we sincerely hope to add to your knowledge of and enjoyment of these fine teas. I'm thrilled to be part of this process as we reach out with this blog, Facebook, Twitter, our newsletter and new website to serve you some truly fantastic tea experiences.

Babette Donaldson
(new contributor to the ITC Media Team)