Lunch in LiJiang

Once again, I brought my aging body into LiJiang. My back is cramping up and I am aching for home. I am hoping LiJiang will perform its enlightening magic as always.

I dragged my luggage out of the terminal by shear willpower since all the luggage carts were taken. My back cramped up again as I saw the smiling face of my driver waving a large cart with my name in it. I gladly handed over my bags and everything just seem to get better!

The scenic ride from the airport to the famed Banyan Tree Hotel eased the pain and exhaustion. I arrived Banyan Tree and my friend Eden was waiting at the door with drink on hand (the kind that required you to be at least 21).
A view from my seat in LiJiang

Eden and I have a yearly ritual, he brings the wine and I bring the tea. We drink both and enjoy each others' company for a couple of days and we are doing it again this year in LiJiang. A couple of days in LiJiang with great wine and the 2012 edition of Lotus Heart. Could a man have too much fun in life?
Wine and tea in LiJiang

I am off to Taiwan for a final look see of this year's spring harvested High Mountain Oolongs and then I am coming home!