Visiting An Old Village in Wuyi Shan

Once again, I led my group members into Wuyi Shan, one of the place most important tea destinations in my heart. It is also known as one of the thirty-six portals to immortality to ancient Taoist of China. When you navigate away from the mass of tourists pouring into Wuyi Shan for the usual destinations and visit the old neighborhoods of the city, you'll know why.

I have been coming to Wuyi Shan for a long time and this place never fails to move me in many different ways. Wuyi Shan is one of the reasons I can continue to try and improve as a tea person. If you ever wonder how I can continue to be so passionate about tea, all you've got to do is take a walk up to the tea farm with me.

My camera decided to take a break so I have borrowed images from other members of the group. We will report back again with more scenes of my favorite tea places in another post.

Hope you're enjoying the tour with us,

The Old Village of Wuyi Shan
A corner of the Old Village of Wuyi Shan.

Home in Old Wuyi Shan.

Workers taking the tea back to the factory.

Tea tasting in Old Wuyi Shan Village.