High Mountain Tea In Wuyi Shan

Sometimes, I wondered why I am so hopelessly in love with tea. (Some would say shamelessly.) And then it's springtime again and my body itches to travel. Then I find myself again on the road to Wuyi Shan.
High mountain tea in Wuyi Shan.

This time, I have nine other people with me all excited to visit one of the remote tea farms. Then, the day before our two-hour hike to my favorite place on earth, I developed a back problem! Muscle spasms occurred whenever I took a deep breath or moved a certain way. Generally, spasms like these zap me whenever I don't expect it.
Wuyi tea farm

The day we were to make this pilgrimage began with pouring rain. Mr. Wang, my tea farmer calls at 6 AM to ask if I want to cancel. In between painful spasms I decided my group members would likely commit murder if I cancelled so I told him we are coming up, no matter what. I seriously didn't know how but I was going to tough this out no matter what.

Misty Wuyi Shan

Finally, after a painful bus ride, we were at the foot of the mountain and the rain stopped. We started hiking up the mountain and every question I ever had about why I am the way I am is being answered with each step I took. I once again forgot about pain and as I soldier on, a smile started to spread across my face. I practically ran by everyone and lead the way up the mountain. If you see these pictures, I am sure you'd understand why Wuyi Shan is such a magical place. . .

The smell of freshly fired Wuyi Yan Cha
Just finished tea being sorted for cupping