Back in Beijing

After the tour group's departure back to the US, I visited my friend Mr. Yang, who has been fighting cancer for over 6 years. He continues to defy all medical predictions and is still fighting after the re-occurrence and spread of cancer.

We chatted about stuff in general and he promised to continue to fight and, one day, he will make it to my California tea farm to help me drink some of the teas that will eventually be growing there.

I left the hospital feeling sad and depressed. So I decided to eat my depression away by going to Da Zhai Mun (大宅门) for lunch.

Entrance to the Dai Zhai Mun Restaurant

This is a traditional Beijing Style restaurant that features great food and entertainment along with classical Beijing decor. I love the food so much that I send some to the hospital for Mr. Yang.

Interior of the Dai Zhai Mun Restaurant

After Beijing, I am off to Yunnan's LiJiang for a couple days of rest, and then its on to Taiwan for the high mountain Oolong harvest.