The 2012 China Tour Begins

On my whirlwind run through Taiwan, I sampled some of the early harvest Oolongs and found some interesting prospects. One of them is an Oolong from the famous Shan Lin Xi region. We have offered tea from this farm previously as our Imperial "Milky" Oolong. Obviously, this particular Oolong has a milk-like texture and aroma without added flavorings.

I left firing instructions and have just received the revised samples. After cupping tonight, I am very close to approving and acquiring it as an early harvested Oolong for 2012. I am still waiting for the later Harvested Fu Shao Shan regions, which typically harvest in May due to its higher altitude. I plan to visit there after leading this year's tea tour.

I took off early for the airport last night, fully intended to meet our group of tea touring adventurists in Shanghai in the early evening and to kick off the 2012 tea tour with a good dinner. However, after a seven-hour delay I missed the arrival of the group. It was not until later last night that I limped into the hotel.

Shanghai is nice and cool with no weather problems whatsoever! I hit the sack and woke up with renewed vigor -- ready to kick off the tea tour. I’ll report our progress as we go forward from this point. For breakfast, I am going to share some of the excellent Oolongs samples acquired from Taiwan.

Wish you were here . . .