Are You Ready for the Year of the Dragon?

The Year of the Dragon starts January 23! Are you ready to eat dumplings, tangerines, noodles, and a whole fish? This delicious menu will start the year off right with abundant luck and long life. And of course a selection of fine Chinese tea - perhaps a puerh or Monkey-Picked Tie Guan Yin - to finish the meal. Chinese say that whatever you do on Chinese New Year, you'll do all year long. So tea lovers want to be sure to take the time to brew a great pot of tea and ensure a full year of excellent tea drinking.

The dragon is a potent symbol of China, so the Year of the Dragon is a special and often eventful time. Children born in dragon years, especially boys, are thought to be especially fortunate - so the year heralds a baby boom.

For Chinese, chun jie (Spring Festival), which we in the West know as Chinese New Year, is a happy, special time to eat good meals, wear new clothes, and visit friends and family. From all of us at Imperial Tea Court, xin nian kuai le (Happy New Year!)