Xiamen International Tea Fair

After I recovered from giving my speech and the inevitable big dinner that followed, I walked the show to meet some of the people who weren't able to attend the Forum. There was a large crowd, but I was received warmly. When the doors finally closed we VIPs were invited to one more dinner, to celebrate a successful day.

The next day we visited the Xiamen Tea Import/Export Corporation. We toured the factory, including their laboratory dedicated to testing for pesticides. We were then treated to a Powerpoint presentation on Xiamen Tea's current status and future outlook. Mr. Wang, the CEO, personally gave the presentation. He has turned the company around from the brink of bankruptcy to a current yearly profit of over 1 billion yuan - more than 150 million US dollars!

The Xiamen International Tea Fair is held in conjunction with other fairs for coffee, vegetarian, and Buddhist items, in exhibition halls that are all connected to one another. This made the show seem even larger and more diverse. After a final walk-through, I departed for Wuyi Shan to make arrangements for my tea tour next April.