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Wilai at the Ferry Building store is currently drinking the Organic Jade Oolong. She likes green oolong. For her, this tea is flowery but not over the top. It’s a great every day drinking tea. She also likes it because it is organic, new, and super affordable!

Wilai is originally from Bangkok, Thailand. She has officially been converted to a tea drinker after working at the Imperial Tea Court!

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Unknown said...

I chanced to stop by a week ago or so and I had the pleasure of meeting Willy. She answered all my questions respectfully and was happy to introduce me to a variety of teas. Excited at the prospect of exploring all the different kinds of tea, I couldn't make up my mind and kept changing my decisions. Willy was extremely accommodating, complying to my requests. I had a wonderful experience here at Imperial Tea Court thanks to Willy. I look forward to the next time I come back.