Experimenting with tea

I just brewed some tea today and it didn’t taste the same as usual. In fact it was a little bit harsh. Yes, it is possible to ruin the tea by brewing it improperly. Have you ever come to the tea house and love the tea you are drinking, but then try to brew it at home and it doesn’t quite taste the same?
Brewing tea is very subjective. Different people like their teas stronger or weaker. The taste of your tea depends on a lot of factors:  amount of tea leaves, water temperature, brewing time, water quality, method to prepare your tea, etc. 
When you are brewing a new tea, you may need to brew it a few times before you get it exactly right. At Imperial Tea Court, we always list the recommended tea brewing instructions on the tea you buy. Use it as a guide. You can always adjust the water temperature and steeping time when brewing the tea. 
Personally, I like my teas on the lighter side with a lot of aroma. I typically lower the water temperature. I also have combined the first and second brew in the same teapot. I find this sometimes gives the tea more complexity, especially for green teas. Experimenting with tea is fun.
The 2011 Spring Harvest Imperial Green is one of the most forgiving green teas. You can brew it improperly but, it is hard to ruin. Many of the puerh teas are very forgiving as well. The best advice is practice, practice, practice and then of course ENJOY!