Twitter Question on Fertilizing

Twitter follower @Oolonggirl asked, "How often do you fertilize the tea plants?" Roy replies:

For spring harvest we do it once during the fall, after trimming. If we plan on picking a fall harvest, we fertilize after spring. For my tea farm in California I am not yet sure what we will do. The decision is farm specific; you decide what to do based on the land, varietal, and how much the tea is harvested. In general, fertilization is required to replenish the plant's energy so it can grow new leaves.


Liz said...

Thanks for answering my question. I've received a Sochi Tea Seedling, from a friend of mine. Wanted to make sure I was not over fertilizing it.

Live in the northern United States and will most likly have the plant indoors during the winter, since it gets below freezing.

Roy Fong said...

Yes, overfertilizing can be harmful. Most tea plants are pretty hardy as long as you keep them in the right soil (pH 4-6) and well drained.