Possible Tea Exchange Program with Hunan University of Agriculture

After a full day of cupping yesterday I went to the hotel and collapsed. If I turn down dinner and stay in my room all night you know I'm tired! It took a full night to recover from the cupping marathon. This morning I decided to skip climbing to the next tea farm for a few days. Instead, I visited Hunan's famous University of Agriculture; their tea program rivals the one at Zhejiang University. I also wanted to look at the varietals they have in experimental plots and see how they raise their cuttings and other horticultural details.

When I visited Professor Wang in the tea department, he was holding a production class. Students are encouraged to pick, produce, and present their own tea harvest. I saw a bunch of enthusiastic young men and women fighting to get their hands on the tea. I only wish that I had such a source of human treasures back home!

I raised the idea with Professor Wang of bringing Americans here for an intensive two-week class at the university. He was very interested. We talked about an exchange program where professors could come to California and help establish my tea farm and hold classes there, while U.S. students come here to China. I am exploring a curriculum that includes planting and production as well as tea culture and tasting.