Another Message from Mr. Takada

Roy received another message from his friend Takada san, a tea farmer in Uji, Japan, who is spearheading some relief efforts for victims of the country's triple catastrophe:

A big thanks to all of the countries that are worrying about our crying Japan. I continue my support to the victims through tea activity, especially with foreign people, because I have several friends in the destroyed towns. It is difficult for people who are living in broken houses to get support from the government. It is too easy for officials to forget about them. Because I know the faces of friends, it is more useful to send food and life kits to them individually. I told you about our project with Berlin Kendo Team. Is there any possibility to make a similar support effort from the US after you come back from China?

On a separate topic, Takada san had good news for Roy's tea farming project:

It’s very lucky that you contacted me with your tea garden project. In fact, I supported the idea to make a tea garden in France last year. It is not so easy but I know a company that invented a new method to grow plants from seedlings. I will send you the newest information.

Roy replied: We would love to help start a fund drive. I will start as soon as I get back home. I have posted your story on our blog and have been getting good responses. As for the tea seedlings, I have received a permit from the Department of Agriculture to import all camellia plants. I do need a health or sanitary certificate from Japan if you are able to provide me with plants. I have 23 acres of land here in California that I love. I hope you will visit one day.