First Tea Cuttings Arrive at the Tea Farm

Today I worked on the newly arrived tea cuttings with Juan and his friend Pablo. We took large cuttings and trimmed off excess leaves, dipped them in root starter, and planted them in small heated germination stations for easy control. If this works we will expand the operation (currently 250 cuttings) to 1,000 plants or so, move them into pots, and place them in the large green house once they take root.

I may postpone planting until the fall and keep all of them in the greenhouse; we'll see what happens over the next few months. Right now I am waiting for a break in the rain so that we can start work on the hillside where the tea plants will eventually go in. We need to compost and plant more winter cover crop. This tea farm is starting to happen and I am excited...

Photo descriptions, from top: A fresh batch of tea cuttings; trimmed cuttings ready to go into germination stations; a filled germination station.