Roy's Holiday Update on the "Tea Ranch"

As the holidays approach we're getting more comfortable at the ranch. More folks are visiting and we've moved in some furniture. I hired a local father and son team to handle the landscaping and they are wonderful. Plans are in the works to help them buy their first house in the US since immigrating from Mexico.

Since Thanksgiving I have held several classes at the ranch and we hosted our first overnight visitor, all the way from Hangzhou, China. There's something going on almost every weekend. Slowly folks are starting to congregate. It feels a little like the early days of Imperial Tea Court, when people from all over the world slowly gravitated to the store. I hate to admit how much I miss that original location.

We released over 150 koi into the pond this week, with plans for another 100 or so. I forgot to take pictures to show you how beautiful they are, but I won't make that mistake the next time.

Happy Holidays! We hope to see you at the ranch soon! Spring planting is still being planned...