Water for a Thirsty Tea Farm

This past week, serious work began at the tea ranch. After months of negotiation with our neighbor, various contractors, electricians, and PG&E, we finally managed to start work. PG&E agreed to bring power to the spot where the new pump will be set up to draw water from a nearby aquaduct. A 1,200-foot line was trenched across my neighbor Juan's organic olive orchard to bring 6-inch pipe into our property. Juan agreed to do the trenching so we didn't have to beg the contractor, and with amazing speed, he worked from early morning to late night for two straight days and miracle! The project required over 3,000 feet of trenching and now all the new pipe has been laid. Along with our two wells, this will provide all the irrigation we need to plant tea and any other produce we want to serve in our stores (as well as the Fong household).

I am also ready to prep the future tea field with organic compost and plant a cover crop to ready the soil for early next spring, when we can finally plant some tea. Now I'm concentrating on bringing in tea seedlings - another hurdle to be crossed! I am really excited, things are started to happen...

Photos below: (1) the nearby aquaduct, our water source; (2) the 6-inch pipe that will bring water to our tea plants; (3) my neighbor Juan, trenching through his organic olive orchard; (4) the long trench enters our property; (5) and extends the length of it, all the way to the almond orchard.