Qi Zi Bing Puerh Class Coming in September

September means back to school - back to tea school in our case. After a busy summer Roy is ready to host two classes focusing on an outstanding Qi Zi Bing set of seven puerh cakes. This set, soon to be offered in our online store, comprises sheng (green) 357-gram cakes from seven different highly regarded tea mountains in Yunnan. The tasting will be an uncommon opportunity to venture with Roy through different puerh tea regions, developing a deeper understanding of the special characteristics of each. You'll also get lots of hands-on experience brewing these teas, coached by Roy through all the steps that yield a delicious pot of puerh.

To accommodate as many students as possible while still keeping the classes intimate and interactive, Roy will offer the same class twice, once in the evening and once on a weekend morning. We'll be finalizing the mid-September times and dates shortly, so stay tuned to the blog or email us to join the interest list.


Al said...

I am interested in this Puerh class. Are there any tentative class dates as of yet? We are planning a trip to San Francisco and parts of Oregon with the family in September and would like to add the Puerh class to our San Francisco leg. If not we could always just stop for some Puerh at the teahouse.

Thank you
Alan Laszuk

Virginia said...

Al, we just set the dates: 9-11am Sunday 9/12 and 7-9pm Friday 9/17 (both classes will cover the same material). We'll be setting the classes up as products on our web site shortly, and posting a link here on the blog. It's going to be a terrific (and delicious) experience. We hope you can join us.