Qi Zi Bing Preview

Prepping for his upcoming Seven Mountain Green Puerh Tasting Class, Roy brought one of the Qi Zi Bing bundles to the teahouse this afternoon. Fortuitously, a couple of teahouse regulars wandered in at just the right time to join us and we all had a taste of these fascinating variations on the theme of Yunnan tea.

One of the benefits of the Qi Zi Bing bundles is that some of the cakes are ready to drink now, others can be enjoyed now or later, and still others will age spectacularly if stored away. Each bundle comprises more that 5.5 pounds of tea that you can start drinking immediately and continue to savor for years to come.

Roy selected the tea in the bundles (which were produced exclusively for Imperial Tea Court) from the 2006 harvest and it rested in the factory for a year before being pressed into cakes in 2007. Then, at Roy's direction, it aged for three years in Yunnan prior to being shipped to our Oakland warehouse. Mountains represented in the bundle include Ba Da Shan, Nan Nuo Shan, Jing Mai Shan, Bu Lang Shan, Ban Zhang Shan, You Le Shan, and Wu Liang Shan. Each mountain's tea has a distinctive flavor profile.