Hard at Work on the California Tea Farm

We haven't seen much of Roy since his return from China. He's been spending a lot of time up at his California tea farm, growing seedlings, preparing the soil, and otherwise getting ready to put tea plants in the ground in October. Meanwhile, Grace has been setting up a small tea shop in the farm's workshop/garage. Once the tea farm is active it will be ready for visitors!

Currently Roy is growing dragonwell and other green tea seedlings. Later he may add oolong and perhaps a few puerh seedlings to the mix. The countdown to growing tea at the tea farm is underway!


Alex Zorach said...

Are you going to sell this tea commercially, or is it going to be more of a private novelty? If you are doing this commercially (even if it is on an extremely small, limited scale) I would like to feature this on RateTea.net...I am particularly interested in drawing attention to tea-growing operations in the U.S. (like our page on the U.S. as a tea-growing region, or the sub-page on Washington State). I think that, even if these operations are very small, they get people's attention and get people thinking about the origin of their teas.

And I ultimately think that this promotes a more vibrant and diverse tea culture, something I am eager to contribute to in any way I can!

VeeTea said...

How exciting! I look forward to hearing more about the farm as it progresses.