New in the Teahouse: Two Delicious Green Oolongs

Good news if you love floral, full-bodied green oolong tea from Taiwan: in general, Taiwan's winter harvest disappointed last year due to excessive rain, but Roy kept looking and managed to acquire a few kilos of a terrific 2009 green oolong that one of his suppliers had stashed away for his own drinking pleasure.

Roy was so impressed with this tea that he designated it our 2009 Winter Harvest Imperial Green Oolong. It offers gentle but persistent florals and great texture, with a thick - almost syrupy - mouth feel you can actually smell in the cup. The liquor is a rich, greenish gold that foretells the satisfying drinking experience. Delicious when brewed in a classic gaiwan, it will yield even more flavor and depth with traditional gong fu preparation in an yi xing teapot. Act quickly, supplies are very limited.

We're also pleased to introduce our first NOP-certified organic green oolong, an outstanding dong ding-style tea that's lightly oxidized to bring out the floral character green oolong lovers appreciate, but moderately fired to add even more layers of complexity and flavor. We've designated this tea our Everyday Organic Green Oolong, because it's so delicious and healthful you'll want to drink it every day, and so affordable, you can do so worry-free. This is a smooth, easy-drinking tea, full-bodied with a satisfying, weighty texture. As a bonus, the flavor-packed leaves stand up to many infusions, another sign of this great tea's high quality.