Roy Heads to China for the Spring Harvest

Roy is packing this weekend for a month in China. He leaves early next week to supervise the harvest on some of the tea farms that are our longstanding suppliers. He'll also be frequenting wholesale tea markets in search of other interesting selections to offer customers. As always, he'll be blogging and sending photos with updates on this year's challenging harvest conditions and tales of his adventures in tea during the exciting, hectic weeks when the first teas of spring are produced.

Green tea lovers polish up your gaiwans: the 2010 spring harvest will begin arriving in our warehouse in April. We'll let you know as soon as the new tea is available.   

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Steve Brandon said...

I'm looking forward to another year of blog posts and the new spring teas Roy finds.

I'm just back from a lecture at the Maymont mansion on tea. It was wonderful, as the lecturer had a full presentations and tastings of ten different teas from silver needle to puerh. The room was full, and he was able to pass some of his passion onto the crowd.

Oddly, he'd never heard of Roy, the blog, the new tea farm in CA, or the Imperial Tea Court, and it was good to pass along such a find as the Tea Court to someone who loves teas as much as did this expert.

Indeed, I didn't know how much I owe to Roy and the Tea Court, until after this lecture. I've never thought of myself as a tea nerd, but I realized that much of what the lecturer was going over I had learned already in tastings and classes at one of the Court's shops, in Roy's book, on the blog, or off the web page, etc. I was also surprised that of the ten teas the lecturer offered as highest grade representatives of the types of a "full range" of teas, the Tea Courts' examples were far superior, and I'd had all but one.

In any event, I got to thinking how much of the joy and knowledge I take from a life full of tea is due toward Roy, the teas, techniques, and attitudes y'all have introduced me to. It if hadn't been for Roy and the team working for and around the Tea Court...this and how you have shared your passions and knowledge with the webpage, the blog, etc. et etc., my enjoyment of tea would be much, much impoverished.

At the start of this new year of tea, I just wanted to say thanks for the work everyone does each year--especially Roy for putting it all together.