2010 Spring Tea Harvest Update

Roy heads to China Monday for the spring green tea harvest. He'll have quite a challenge finding the quality and quantity of early spring tea Imperial Tea Court customers have come to expect, given the devastating freeze that descended on eastern China earlier this month. As if that weren't bad enough, there's a serious drought in Yunnan that's also affecting tea production and quality.

One bright spot: high on Roy's agenda is a trip to Shaanxi, in western China, to sign the final papers to acquire a tea farm there. That deal plus his recent acquisition of farmland for a future tea farm in California makes Imperial Tea the only company in the world that will be growing commercial quantities of tea in both China and California.

Stay tuned to the blog for frequent reports from Roy as he travels around China in search of great tea in a year when unpredictable weather has created more than the usual number of challenges. Prior to leaving he passed along this tea harvest forecast:

White tea, dragonwell, and most tea from Zhejiang may be delayed and the quality is uncertain. The quality of Imperial Green, bi luo chun, and Wuxi hao cha has not been affected by the weather, but quantities will be limited.