A Year of Blogging

Hard to believe, but the Camellia Sinensis Blog has celebrated its first birthday! About this time last year we at Imperial Tea Court decided it was time to make a more direct connection with our tea-loving friends around the world, so we launched this blog plus a Twitter account and Facebook group, the Virtual Teahouse.

A year later it's exciting to see that we've had over 25,000 pageviews to the blog coming from more than 100 countries on six continents. To date we have 373 Twitter followers and 314 members in the Virtual Teahouse. Several hundred people have taken our Facebook quiz, What Tea Are You?

The blog has made it easy to share fun details and photos of Roy's tea treks to China, excerpts from Roy's new book, Great Teas of China, updates on new products in the teahouse, tea tasting notes, the latest news and events, and more. Equally important, you've brought your comments, ideas, and feedback to the tea table.

Roy has an ambitious agenda for 2010, full of travel and new initiatives including a tea farm here in California and maybe even another book. We're looking forward to year two and beyond here in the social network. Let's keep in touch!