Check In on Foursquare, Check Out Our Specials

Because we're based in San Francisco, we're always on the lookout for fun new social networking opportunities that help us connect with customers. This week, Foursquare caught our eye and we promptly set up a promotion: for every fifth Foursquare checkin we'll give you a free serving of our delicious tea snacks! And if Foursquare says you're the mayor of our teahouse, you can order one tea, get one free.

If you don't yet know Foursquare, it allows you to use your mobile phone to "check in" whenever you visit your favorite spots (Foursquare uses your phone to determine your location). Check-ins can be shared with friends (maybe they want to join you), and the service keeps tabs on how often you've visited.

To qualify for our Foursquare promotion, show us your phone with a multiple of five check-ins to the teahouse (5, 10, 15, etc. visits), or your icon as Mayor. The Foursquare specials are available in either the San Francisco Ferry Building or Berkeley teahouses. And keep an eye here on the blog. We'll keep you posted about all the latest deals!