New in the Teahouse: Puerh Tools!

Winter is here and on the tea calendar that means it's puerh season. Are you ready? We have two new inexpensive but handy puerh tools, imported from Yunnan, China (the home of puerh) to help make your puerh experience even easier and more enjoyable.

Our puerh knife is made of bamboo, tied with colorful thread, and decorated with colored stones in the style of Yunnan Province's ethnic minorities. The knife is used to pry off teapot-sized slabs from puerh cakes. Using the knife politely avoids breaking the cake with your hands, and also results in fewer broken leaves than manually crumbling off pieces of cake. Unlike the many metal puerh knives on the market, our bamboo model complies with the traditional practice of avoiding metal at the tea table.

To use the knife, insert it horizontally into the edge of the cake and gently twist until a large flake of cake is released. With practice, you should be able to remove a piece just the right size for your teapot from a well aged cake.

Our puerh brush is actually a multifunctional tea tool that's also useful with yi xing teapots. For puerh, it's a great way to remove surface dust and mold that have accumulated during the aging process. Simply brush over the surface of the cake. Our brush's soft bristles will gently clean without damaging the cake. When you're brewing tea gong fu style, you can use the same brush to leisurely "paint" your teapot with hot water from the tea boat while the tea steeps. This helps keep the pot warm, equalizes temperature, and minimizes spots on the outside of your fine yi xing pot.

No well equipped tea table should be without these handy yet inexpensive tools, priced at only $6.50 each.