Beginnings of a Tea Farm in California

Exciting news: Roy has entered escrow to buy a beautiful patch of land in the greater Bay Area where he will start his California tea farm. The farm comes with its own water supply and already supports a small almond orchard - Roy will even grow his own tea snacks!

The first tea plants will go in this spring, variety to be determined. It will be a few years before the farm produces a commercial harvest. Ultimately, Roy hopes to build a teahouse and Chinese culture center on the property, a little over an hour outside San Francisco.

Also this year, Roy is moving forward with growing tea on the farm offered to him by government officials in Shaanxi, China. At a time when too many US sellers of Chinese tea are offering mediocre products from touts posing as Hong Kong teamasters, Roy will be growing his own tea on two continents. He'll also continue to buy exceptional tea from top-quality farms with which he has long-established relationships.

Stay tuned for more details on the California tea farm. We'll keep you posted with details on the tea we'll be growing, photos, and more!