Roy Fong's New Year Resolutions for 2010

Our latest newsletter reveals Roy's top 10 New Year resolutions for 2010. If you're not a subscriber, here's the countdown, which also provides a preview of the Imperial Tea Court to-do list for the coming year:

Resolution 1: To travel even more miles, to provide the finest tea from around the world, and to report on it all here in the Camellia Sinensis blog. In addition to China, this year's travel agenda includes Japan and possibly India and Sri Lanka.

Resolution 2: To introduce more great products for tea lovers, such as 2009’s most popular new product, the Programmable Digital Electric Kettle. In particular, to add a very fine Imperial standard yi xing teapot and other teaware to our collection for 2010.

Resolution 3: To produce teas that equal or exceed the quality of our finest teas of 2009, such as Imperial Tribute Harvest Purple-Tip Puerh, Imperial Lotus Heart Dragon Well, and 2009 Monkey-Picked Tie Guan Yin.

Resolution 4: To introduce an e-book edition of Great Teas of China

Resolution 5: To launch a completely revised and updated web site with exciting new features to make learning about and buying fine, traditional Chinese tea and teaware easier and more engaging than it is today

Resolution 6: To hold more tea classes and better leverage technology to provide opportunities to learn in our teahouses and online, for example, to hold tea classes via webinar and offer instruction via PowerPoint, DVD, and video

Resolution 7: To resume our popular series of exclusive Tea Tours to China

Resolution 8: To publish an Imperial Tea Court Recipe Cookbook that teaches you how to prepare our favorite menu items, such as our famous hand-pulled noodles, and also gives detailed suggestions on how to brew tea to best fulfill its potential when it's paired with specific foods.

Resolution 9: To buy land and start a new tea farm in California, as well as to work with the local government in northwestern China to help revitalize tea farming there

Resolution 10: To upgrade and expand our Tea Clubs with more specialized offers, including clubs focused on particular varieties and grades of tea, so that many more people can benefit from the convenience, quality, and learning opportunities of club membership

Thanks for your enthusiasm and friendship in 2009 and every year, and with your ongoing support we'll do our best to achieve these ambitious goals and more in 2010!