A Nod from Diablo Magazine

Diablo Magazine just published the article Teatime in the 21st Century, quoting Roy: "Tea tasting [is] much more interesting than wine tasting, says Imperial’s owner and tea expert, Roy Fong. Adding more tea leaves, adjusting the water temperature, or fiddling with the steeping time changes the flavor of the tea, making it more versatile when pairing with food. 'Strong-flavored tea actually goes well with not-so-strong-flavored food,' he says."

In an article that focuses on new attitudes toward tea and teahouses, the author paid a visit to our Berkeley teahouse and discussed food and tea pairings with Roy. Among our teahouse specialties called out in the article are green onion pancakes (paired with jasmine tea), jasmine tea shrimp dumplings, and hand-pulled noodles with beef topping and special reserve puerh.