Brief Review of Great Teas of China on

Lindsey Goodwin,'s guide for tea, just published a brief review of Roy's new book, Great Teas of China. Quoting Lindsey: "This slender book is brimming with information on tea origins, growing and processing, as well as personal anecdotes from Roy Fong of San Francisco's Imperial Tea Court." She also noted, "A long-awaited book by one of the U.S.’s leading tea importers, Roy Fong. This book focuses in on a handful of Fong’s favorite teas from China and Taiwan, profiling each with notes on histories, growing regions, varietals, harvest and processing. There are informative photographs and short stories of Fong’s tea travels scattered throughout. The book closes with a preparation guide and glossary."

Thanks for the kind words, Lindsey! For everyone who has read the book so far, help us spread the word and post your own review on Amazon.