Preview of Coming Attractions

It's been a busy month here at the teahouse. First we shipped Roy's book off to the printer, and now we're working on the new and improved web site we hope to launch this month. The image at left is a preview of the new home page.

In addition, in this year of great oolong tea, more good news for oolong lovers: the bounty continues! Last week Roy and I cupped some candidates from the crop of winter green oolong from Taiwan. Earlier this week Roy fired two more varieties of Wu Yi yan cha: the uncommon bai mu dan (white peony - a different tea from the white tea that goes by the same name) and the classic shui jin gui (golden water turtle), one of the si da ming cong (four great varieties) of yan cha. We'll be tasting those in a few days and I'll post a full report here on the blog. We're expecting lots of news in these last few weeks of the year, so check back often for updates!