Irresistible Lucky Teapots

In times like these we can all use a bit more luck, and what better way to invoke it than by brewing tea? Extraordinary times call for extraordinary teapots, and with that in mind we're pleased to present three Lucky Teapots from Taiwan, whose innovative teaware never fails to attract the eye. All of the teapots are meticulously crafted from unglazed clay. They make great gifts, and don't forget to add one to your cart for yourself!

In Chinese culture mice are thrify and industrious, and those embodied in our adorable Mouse Teapots are flaunting large, ancient Chinese gold coins to show the fruits of their labor! Whether you're born in the Year of the Mouse or just love these cute yet functional teapots as much as we do, you can start every tea-brewing session with a smile. Available in dark brown, terracotta, or tan spotted colors.

The Chinese word for fish, yu, sounds like the word for abundance, so Chinese love fish in any form as a token of wealth and prosperity. Now you can summon abundance every time you brew tea with one of our irresistible Blowfish Teapots. Their round bellies suggest extra abundance and also give large oolong or puerh tea leaves plenty of room to expand, so your tea will be as delicious as it is fortunate. A must for any teapot collector! Available in dark brown or terracotta colored clay.

Rounding out our Lucky Teapot collection (literally!) is the rotund Lucky Pig Teapot. Pigs are well known as symbols of luck and plenty in many cultures. Other people just think they're cute! Maybe you're even fortunate enough to be born in the Year of the Pig, one of the luckiest signs in the Chinese Zodiac. Whatever attracts you to this unique, well made teapot, you're sure to have good luck brewing tea, and start the day off right. Available in dark brown with gold Chinese characters, terracotta, or tan spotted.