Bestselling Teaware of 2009

If you're wondering what teaware our customers are choosing to brew their favorite teas of 2009, here's a roundup of our bestselling teaware this year. In keeping with the current economic climate, 2009's most popular gaiwan and yi xing teapot are practical and affordable, solid performers that deliver great value.

Our sturdy, functional Teahouse Gaiwan is our customers' choice from our gaiwan collection this year. We like it too, that's why it's been our choice for service in our teahouses since 1993! The bright white color makes it easy to judge how your tea is brewing, while the wide mouth gives you lots of latitude for controlling steeping temperature. Plus the durable, commercial-grade construction means this gaiwan will remain your tea-brewing companion for many years to come. Best of all, we're currently offering a 10% discount on this item.

This year customers welcomed the return of a long-time teahouse favorite, our attractive, traditional Contemporary Classic Yi Xing Teapot. This six-ounce pot is ideal for oolong or puerh tea and is made of excellent quality clay, yet it's an amazing value for a teapot of this quality. Available in either red or brown clay, it's a smart choice for anyone who appreciates the benefits of traditional gong fu tea.

Finally, you can't brew tea without a kettle, and our Programmable Digital Electric Kettle, introduced early this year, has been a runaway hit among our tea-loving customers - it's one of our top-selling products for the entire year! Custom-manufactured to our specifications and UL-listed, it allows you to program in an exact temperature (not just a range like some other electric kettles), which makes it ideal for temperature-sensitive teas and meticulous brewing. It's also a great chef's accessory! The kettle is lined in stainless steel, holds approximately one liter, and is available in either dark teal green or black.

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