Tea Lovers Holiday Shopping Guide: Five Fine Gifts Under $120

If you're shopping to truly delight and impress your favorite tea lover, and give a gift that will be enjoyed for a long time to come, we have five fine tea items to suggest. High-quality, unique, attractive, and functional, they'll be the envy of any tea table:

For those who love to drink lots of tea, or enjoy sharing with friends and family, our carefree and versatile glazed stoneware Family-Style Teaset is a great answer. The large bamboo-handled pot holds a generous 60 ounces and comes with four matching 8-ounce teacups. This teaset works well with any style of tea. Attractively gift boxed. Price is $98.

For maximum enjoyment of fine oolong or puerh tea, we recommend brewing the traditional way, in yi xing teaware. Our Complete Yi Xing Teaset provides everything you need for gong fu tea service: an 8-ounce teapot, draining tray, covered pitcher, and six traditional Chinese teacups with saucers. Made of high-quality clay, this set will gain an attractive patina with use. Available in either dark brown or terracotta colored clay; comes packaged in an attractive presentation box. Price is $118.

This large, handsome Programmable Digital Electric Kettle has quickly become one of our top sellers. It's made exclusively for us and is UL-listed. You set a temperature target; the kettle will heat water to the desired level and hold it there, making it ideal for teas that benefit from careful water temperature control, such as green tea. Also a great chef's accessory! The kettle itself is cordless, with a corded base and stainless steel interior. Approximate capacity: 1 liter. Available in dark teal green or black. Price is $89.99.

Plan your next tea outing with our double-decker Handmade Basket Gift Set, which comes complete with an attractive, well made teapot and teacup set in your choice of colors. The top level holds the teaware snugly so that you can take your tea party anywhere. It's also insulated, so it doubles as a portable tea cozy! The lower level stores tea, snacks, and accessories. The handmade basket is also a beautiful decorative item when you’re not drinking tea. A gift any traveling tea lover will cherish. Price is $89.

The Three-Legged Treasure Toad is a powerful symbol of wealth in feng shui. This mythical creature is said to appear every full moon near homes where the residents receive good news the very next day. This is usually in the form of wealth or monetary gain. The Three-Legged Treasure Toad holds a coin in its mouth, brings a string of coins on each side, and carries seven stars on its back. It is often placed near cash registers, reception areas, managers' desks, or offices of successful businesses. At home, the beloved toad is placed in the corner of the family room to enhance the household’s wealth. It can also be found on tea tables across China, where it's used as a "tea helper." A splash of tea is poured over the toad during each infusion, and in turn it helps you with your brewing skills! Our finely wrought Treasure Toad is made from yi xing clay and comes in a silk gift box. Price is $88.