Purple-Tip Puerh Back in Stock!

Great news for tea lovers, Roy has decided to release a few more cakes of the spectacular Imperial Tribute Harvest Purple-Tip Puerh Bing Cha for the 2009 holiday season. This amazing and unique tea was harvested from centuries-old wild tea trees deep in the jungle in Yunnan. While it's technically a sheng cha, it has a richly fruity mellowness that comes from the age of the trees, rather than the age of the tea itself, with none of the harsh astringency often associated with sheng cha. We can only imagine how this extraordinary tea will evolve over time.

At a time when the provenance of many expensive, rare teas is questionable, there's no way to fake the distinctive purple-red leaf color that was noted as far back as revered tea sage Lu Yu as a marker of the finest and rarest tea from ancient wild trees. And once you taste this tea - uncommonly sweet, fruity, complex, weighty on the palate - you'll appreciate why we're so excited about it.

For those who would like just a taste, instead of an entire cake, Roy is also offering a small amount of the same tea in loose-leaf form, sold by the ounce. If you're interested order soon; quantities are very limited.