Purple Tea Towel & Puerh Broom: Favorite Tea Souvenirs

Among the many pleasures of tea tourism is the opportunity to bring home tea souvenirs for yourself and your tea-loving friends. Some of my favorites are the purple tea towel and photo-pitcher I picked up in Wu Yi Shan, and the bamboo puerh knife, puerh broom, and set of lotus teacup coasters I found in various teashops in Kunming.

While the tea you bring back may be the best souvenir of all, it doesn't last forever. These tea tchotchkes--often only costing a dollar or two and quickly absorbed into everyday tea routines--are enduring reminders of great tea experiences past and ongoing motivations to plan the next one.

I imagine some of you have collected terrific tea souvenirs over the years! Share them with us, either by posting photos and stories in our Facebook Virtual Teahouse or by making a comment on this post with a link to your photo. As it happens, I have an extra bamboo puerh knife (for daintily breaking apart bing cha without the use of metal) and will award it as a prize to the best tea souvenir posted by midnight, October 19. Enter now and expand your collection!