New Herbal & Scented Teas for Autumn

As the weather's changing we're all thinking about enjoying more warm beverages during the chilly weeks ahead. If you enjoy herbal or scented tea we've added three new selections that we're sure you'll want to try.

Our Autumn Herbal Potion, redolent of the finest lavender and mint with just a hint of green tea, will gently warm you, clear your head, and help bring your system back into balance during stressful cold weather and season changes. Soothing and restorative, it's a favorite you can enjoy any time of day.

For our fragrant Vanilla Needle, we sealed fine Silver Needle white tea from Fujian with generous quantities of premium vanilla beans (not vanilla extract!) until the tea was richly scented with vanilla. If you love vanilla and also appreciate the delicate flavor and many claimed health benefits of white tea, you'll truly find our Vanilla Needle to be the best of both worlds.

Finally, customers have been asking for the popular black tea substitute rooibos. We heard you, and we're pleased to offer a top-quality South African Organic Rooibos that you can enjoy either plain or with milk, sugar, or lemon. This caffeine-free herbal drink yields a rich, red infusion that you can drink worry-free morning or night.