Join Us for the Spice of Life in Berkeley October 4

Sunday, October 4, Berkeley is celebrating the Spice of Life Festival and we're pleased that our Berkeley Teahouse will be part of the excitement. Head to our location in the Epicurious Garden (adjacent to Chez Panisse) and sit and relax in our beautiful garden with a tall glass of our famous iced tea, while you snack on our organic potstickers, steamed buns, and other appetizers. Other vendors will be offering cooking demonstrations, sample plates, and more. If you love food you'll love the Spice of Life!


Anonymous said...

Oh, to be in the Bay Area. It'd certainly be a wonderful thing as far as local social life with tea at its center. --Teaternity

Virginia said...

Jason, you should at least plan a long weekend to check out the Bay Area tea scene. Everyone deserves a vacation in San Francisco now and then!