Great Food & Tea Pairings in the Teahouse

Tea writer Tiffany Picard just published this article in TeaMuse about some tea and food pairings she sampled recently in our San Francisco Ferry Building teahouse. At Roy's suggestion she tried Jasmine Pearls with our Dragon Well Pork Dumplings; Wu Yi Yan Cha with baked vegetarian spring rolls; and Special Reserve Puerh with our popular Teahouse Spicy Pork Noodles.

Tiffany's comments: "The dumplings and jasmine tea were the perfect marriage of salty and sweet"; "the seasonings in the spring rolls were flavorful, but light enough to allow you to taste the complexities in our oolong tea"; the puerh "tasted like nature—floral and loamy like a garden after a rainstorm. We slurped up both tea and noodles all too quickly!"

Stop by one of our teahouses and see for yourself! Order one of these combinations or ask your server for a recommendation. As Tiffany says, "we left the Imperial Tea Court convinced that there truly is a tea for every mood, and a tea for every food!"

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Anonymous said...

Well, I have to admit it. This does make me want to visit the teahouses. It seems I have a similar taste in tea to Roy Fong though I'm not sure I share his interest in Dragonwell. I'm familiar with good green tea, though, and know how to appreciate it. I just love Pu-erh best and probably second to that is Wuyi tea. Pairing these teas with the fine cuisine just adds to the experience on a whole new level. --Teaternity