Celebrate the Moon Festival With Us!

If you're in the San Francisco Bay Area we invite you to stop by one of our teahouses to celebrate the 2009 Moon Festival, an important autumn holiday in the Chinese calendar. In honor of the full moon, tomorrow only, October 3, we'll be serving a mini-mooncake with a gaiwan of Superior Puerh mixed with a Chrysanthemum Blossom or two. The blossoms open and rise to the top of the infusion, recalling the beautiful reflection of the moon on the water.

Rich and flavorful, mooncakes are meant to be savored slowly along with a cup of tea. We've chosen a hearty puerh whose flavor complements the mooncake, and added the classic flower of autumn, the chrysanthemum, both for visual and palate appeal. And our delicious Moon Festival Special Combination won't stretch your budget; it's only $8! We look forward to celebrating the mid-autumn with you tomorrow in classic Chinese style.


Anonymous said...

I can't tell from the description of the Superior Pu-erh whether it's aged much or not. It seems to be a tea that's young and ripe but has some quality of aged Pu-erh, which could translate into aging potential. That and the moon cake would suit me just fine. --Teaternity

Virginia said...

Superior Puerh is shou cha, in other words the aging process has been accelerated by the addition of water to quickly induce fermentation so that the tea becomes mellow and ready to drink relatively quickly compared to the 10+ years required for a sheng (green) puerh to ripen naturally.