A Peek at Roy's Personal Puerh Teapot

Roy brought his personal puerh teapot into the teahouse today, so we took the opportunity to spirit it away for a brief photo session. Few objects are more personal than one's favorite teapot. Among a diverse collection of pots, a few get elevated to favorite status by virtue of an exceptionally tactile affinity between pot and owner, in addition to aesthetics and the way the pot suits your personal brewing style and preferred tea varieties. Then, because it's your favorite, it's the pot you use to brew the best tea, so it just gets better and better, and even more uniquely adapted to the owner.

Roy's pot was made by the well regarded teapot artist Zhou Xiao Qin in a design inspired by the famous Wu Jing teapot, the oldest known intact pot made with Yi Xing's zi sha (purple sand) clay. A few years of intensively brewing fine aged puerh have given it a glossy surface and an emerging brown patina, although the pot was originally more of a gray-brown color.

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