Blog Post #200!

We launched the Camellia Sinensis Blog at the end of January and it's hard to believe we're already hitting the 200-post milestone today! Since then the blog has had almost 10,000 visits from 86 countries on six continents. We've written about tea, teaware, tea travels, our tea friends...and we're just getting started! As much as a third of the blog's traffic comes from search engines, people who may not have known the Imperial Tea brand before.

We began writing Camellia Sinensis because we recognized that so much of the dialogue around tea these days occurs online--in blogs, on Twitter, in discussion groups and social networks. To be part of the future of tea culture it's important to reach out to the audience and participate in the discussion and knowledge-sharing, not just wait for folks to show up in our teahouses.

We'll still serve you a great cup of tea if you visit in person, but through the blog, Twitter, and our Virtual Teahouse on Facebook we're now available to chat about tea any time, no matter where in the world you are. In fact, our 300th tweet from our Twitter account will be about this 200th blog post.

Whether you've just stopped by once or you're a subscriber to our RSS feed, thanks to everyone who has visited, browsed, or left questions and comments during the short life of Camellia Sinensis. You may have noticed, the signature photo at the top of the blog is from a puerh cake. It signifies our hope that, like this great tea, the Camellia Sinensis Blog will only improve with age!