Terrific Oolong Tea Class!

Roy had a great oolong tea class at the Ferry Building teahouse last night! It was a full house with 12 attendees who worked their way through an encyclopedia of 14 oolongs from Wu Yi Shan, Anxi, Phoenix Mountain, and Taiwan over the course of a couple of hours. Grace made some of her teahouse-favorite homemade spring rolls for everyone to snack on.

Roy initially presented the teas professional cupping style, carefully measured and consistently brewed to facilitate comparison. Then he concluded the class with a gong fu brewing lesson. If you're curious about the teas that were covered, here's a copy of the class handout. Not all of the teas are currently available in our online store.

If you missed this class there's another opportunity next month, Roy's much anticipated "OMG" Tea Class on September 13, when he'll share five selections from his personal collection. If you're serious about tea you don't want to miss this very special event!

Photos from last night's class: