New Yi Xing Teapots in the Teahouse

Grace and Roy brought back a bag full of interesting new yi xing teapots from China! Most are one-of-a kind, so they won't appear on the web site, but many are now on display in our San Francisco Ferry Building teahouse. The good news, if you're looking for a great pot to enhance your oolong or puerh pleasure, is that these pots are well made from high quality clay yet they're reasonably priced, with most ranging from $90-$150. If you've been looking at excellent yi xing pots recently then you know that's a real value.

It's been awhile since we've had a good stock of interesting new teapots, so stop by the Ferry Building and have a look. If you'd like advice on the right pot for your budget, tea preferences, and brewing style, come on the weekend and ask for Shirley Hu: she's worked here eight years and teapots are a specialty. Or, if you need a new pot but you're not in the Bay Area, email us and we'll be glad to send photos and make some suggestions.

I made quick snapshots of a few of the new pots. The lighting in the teahouse makes it hard to take accurate photos, and they're not to scale, but you can get a general idea from the pictures below: