Details on Some of Our New Teapots

We've had several inquiries about the new yi xing teapots Roy brought back from China (see the previous post). Since we were making photos for customers anyway we decided to go ahead and post them to the blog. If you see a pot you'd like email us so we can confirm that it's in stock and complete the transaction. Each of these pots is one-of-a-kind, so it's first come, first served.

A couple of general notes: the stated capacity is US fluid ounces when the pot is filled to the rim with water. In practice there would also be tea leaves in the pot, so it won't hold that much tea. A good rule of thumb is that the expanded leaves will occupy a third to half of the pot's capacity. Also, these photos were made at our San Francisco Ferry Building teahouse. The lighting there isn't great, so the color rendering in the photos isn't perfect. We urge you to stop by the teahouse to see the pots in person if possible. There's no substitute for holding the pot yourself to test its tactile appeal.

This simple, classic pot holds a generous 11 ounces. Best suited for oolong, it costs $138.

This 9-ounce pot is the flat type of design that's often used for puerh. It has clean, classic lines and costs $128.

This fine quality zhu ni pot is made a respected teapot artist. It holds 6 ounces and is ideal for aromatic oolongs such as Taiwan oolong, Phoenix oolong, or tie guan yin. The price is $380.

This versatile 9-ounce pot is well suited to oolong or puerh tea. It's a simple design that harks back to natural forms, in the tradition of many classic teapots. It costs $188.

This cute pot holds 7 ounces and is well suited to puerh tea. It costs $128.

This 6-ounce deco-style pot harks back to designs that were popular in the Republic of China era. It's great for puerh and costs $138.

This small, versatile pot would work well with high-fired oolong or puerh. It holds 4 ounces and costs only $98, a good value in a fine yi xing teapot.

With its double copper wire handles this 11-ounce pot is deliberately aiming to be something different. The clay is very nice. It's well suited to high-fired oolong or puerh and costs $180.

This 11-ounce pot is made from a distinctly more reddish clay with a higher iron content than our other zi ni teapots (although it's not zhu ni). It's always been a personal favorite that seems just right for puerh. It costs $168.

This attractive and functional 8-ounce pot has an extra-wide mouth that makes it easy to add leaves and water. It would be great for high-fired oolong or puerh, and it only costs $98.

This is a very simple, flat 7-ounce zhu ni pot in a modern design. It's best suited to oolong or puerh tea and costs $138.