Coming Soon: Exciting New Tea, Teaware (Preview)

I stopped by the warehouse today for a first peek at some of the exciting tea and teaware Roy brought back from China. Over the next couple of weeks we'll be adding these items to the web site and profiling them here on the blog and in the newsletter. But to whet your appetite, here's a preview of some of the coming attractions:
  • There are three new Wu Yi yan cha to add to the four Roy introduced last month. Roy briefly mentioned the first, Yan Ru, in a post from China. It's notable for a pleasing vicosity that gives it its name (yan ru means "cliff milk"). Jin Mao Hou (golden-haired monkey) is another classic yan cha, while the third is an uncommon and pleasantly floral wild-tree variety. Roy still needs to fire some of these teas. We'll do an in-depth tasting when they're ready for sale.
  • Another yan cha note: Roy had some of this year's flavorful Da Hong Pao packaged in 8-gram envelopes, enough for one or two gaiwans or teapots (depending on size). We'll be selling these for only $8, so anyone can afford a taste of this great tea.
  • Speaking of interesting oolongs, Roy brought back three new Feng Huang Shan (Phoenix Mountain) varieties. Most notable is the uncommon, gingery Jiang Mu Xiang, which has a distinctly peppery aftertaste in the back of the throat and a clear, golden liquor.
  • Those who appreciate Taiwanese oolong will be delighted with our richly floral 2009 Bao Zhong.
  • Rounding out the new tea this month are three excellent jasmine teas: Imperial Jasmine Pearls, Silver Needle Jasmine, and Golden Needle King Jasmine. I had a whiff of the Silver Needle Jasmine's clean, fresh aroma: potent without being overwhelming, as richly floral as a fresh-picked spray of jasmine blossoms, without any of the off notes you encounter all too often in modern jasmine teas. These are classic jasmine teas just the way you remember them, and for jasmine lovers they're worth the wait.
  • If you appreciate fine teaware, the Yi Li Zhu teapot Roy blogged about is here! It's a small pot that cradles perfectly in two hands and is made from very high quality clay. If you're in the Bay Area you can see this pot in person at our Ferry Building teahouse next week. There's also a beautiful porcelain presentation vessel from Jing De Zhen that's sure to sell out quickly, as we only have four of them.

This is only a preview, these items aren't for sale yet, but we'll be adding them to the online store and our teahouses over the next couple of weeks. We'll update the blog with links, photos, and reviews as all of these exciting new products become available.