A World of Tea Lovers

The Camellia Sinensis blog isn't quite six months old, but it's exciting to see that we've already had visitors from 74 countries on six of the seven continents (surely there are tea lovers in Antarctica?).

No surprise that the top country for visitors is the US. But can you guess number two? It's Malaysia, with China coming in third. Canada's fourth, followed by the UK, Singapore, Netherlands, Australia, Mongolia, and--rounding out the Top 10--Brazil!

Our friends in Brunei and Qatar have the highest average pageviews per visit, while Ivory Coast and Argentina visitors have the highest average time per visit.

One of the things that makes tea culture so rewarding is it's truly a universal bond that unites all tea lovers. It's great to see the global perspective reflected here on the blog. We're honored to share our devotion to this fascinating beverage with so many people worldwide, and hope to meet many of you in person some day in one of our teahouses!